Avon Residence

The Inspiration: Swiss Alp ski getaway

Must-Have: Individualistic bedroom designs for 3 grown daughters

Focal Point: Gray Malin Aspen photography

The charm of Switzerland, with views of Avon. This townhome has a beautiful view of the sprawling ski resorts that surround it, and the Iowa-native family wanted to draw that outdoor inspiration into their second home.

The homeowners were looking for a harmonious collision of two distinct styles, European mountain charm mixed with more eclectic modern elements. They wanted their living spaces to emulate warmth and coziness while still being stylish, so we chose to incorporate plush fabrics, fur throws and pillows. Fresh, crisp photography was woven throughout, including two Gray Malin shots of the Aspen ski resort.

Many of the furnishings are antiques that were locally sourced and integrated into the design. Some of the more notable pieces included a hand painted chest, and wooden nightstands found at Black Tulip Antiques.

The three grown daughters were given their own rooms, and each was designed to be distinctly different from one another with different themes and color palettes. As a result, each space was as diverse and individualistic as the women themselves. The only common thread between the three? A breathtaking mountain view of Avon.