Observatory Park Residence

Color Palette: Fresh orange, bright green, and rich chocolate

Coziest Room: Sunlit loveseat sitting alcove

The Client’s Style: Vibrant, stylish and modern

This whole home redesign was completed on behalf of a young family that needed a space that facilitated their busy professional lifestyles, while still being a comfortable place full of rest and respite. We had the privilege of helping this couple with their previous dwelling, a downtown loft that called for more of a city vibe. Now, they were looking for a stylish place that would be inspiring to live in while still being accommodating to their young son.

We were able to incorporate some of the family’s existing artwork, as well as their son’s masterful finger painted creations into the living room design. Because the homeowners were willing to take design risks, we decided to source colors from those artworks that perfectly suited the space. We landed on a palette marked by bright, inviting oranges, fresh greens and decadent browns.

The homeowners did not shy away from mixing and melding textures, which is evident in the kitchen and dining areas. In the kitchen, we used a glass mirrored tile backsplash to contrast with the natural lines of the wood cabinetry. In the dining room, we used a playful mix of orange dining chairs and acrylic clear ghost chairs to add an unexpected layer to the room. Visually, ghost chairs are minimal but they add a fun modern touch to any space.